Aromatherapy Massage

Here the techniques of ancient Eastern culture meet the techniques of the West. It is the only scent therapy that comes with natural cures and includes the benefits of herbs and traditional treatments. Essential oils can be used in several ways: – for evaporation, – for bathing, – directly, – or as a massage oil.

This oil-based massage with long smoothing movements relaxes the whole body. Stretching movements in muscles and joints release all tension and stiffness, improve tissue metabolism and oxygenation as blood and lymphatic circulation are increased, muscle tension is relaxed, and the body is in complete rest. Massaging the oil provides valuable nutrients to the skin. The effect of the massage can be felt for several days after the treatment. It is especially recommended for guests with a stressed, stressed or anxious lifestyle.

Do not shower for 4-5 hours after the massage, as approximately 45-60% of the oil is absorbed during the massage, the rest only afterwards. The duration of treatment can be 60 or 90 minutes.

Details of the aroma oils

Aroma means fragrance, therapy means treatment. So aromatherapy is a treatment that works by massaging essential oils into the skin. Essential oils give the flowers and fruits of plants a characteristic scent. Essential oil, which plays an important role in the survival of the plant, is also called the “vitality” of the plant. For example, from 5 tons of rose petals, 1 kg of rose oil is produced.

Mixing Essential Oils: Two types of vegetable oil are distinguished. Essential oils and fatty oils.

Essential oils should be diluted every time. The maximum amount of essential oil blended for a massage should be 25-30 drops, there should always be a dominant oil which is 8-10 drops, besides we can add 4-5 different types of oil. Essential oils should not be used in concentrated form. Base oils are fatty oils that are used to dilute essential oils. Base oils are also especially suitable for skin care, massage and rubbing.

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